You cannot fix what you cannot see!

Most of us have been around paint our entire lives, so one quick question, have you ever had to pay for hidden damages? Has previous work done to your exterior already cost you money once before, in the form of hidden damages such as: wood rot, termite damage, mold or water damage and wood replacement? You must asked yourself, if there there are any other options? At Titan Home Remodeling we work with PAINT AND WE WORK WITH WARRANTIES!! Sounds crazy but our paint completely protects stucco, wood, metal (rain gutters, electric panels, gates/fences), vinyl siding and more from the elements, sun and water! How do you really feel about your investments? Recondition and Protect? Make an educated decision or follow the masses? We choose to explain our fair pricing and decisions one time in using only the best materials to protect your entire home. We are obligated to bring it to you without compromising quality or workmanship, our installers have received special training from our manufacturers (for proper installations), therefore we can honor ALL Warranties down to any labor costs. Choosing to work with professional installers has separated ourselves in the industry, especially those that are focused on offering you the best price right off-the-bat as an enticing way to trick you into compromising the quality of your own investment. We will make certain that your home and your decision are just as important as our very own decision to deliver and execute quality over quantity. Rather than spending your time and hard earned money on learning the hard way, let us earn your project fair in square. Our customers enjoy saving money over time and are already making the most out of their lives and investments. Peace of mind is priceless! Here at Titan we make a concerted effort to ensure that your home is beautiful and most importantly protected. FREE ESTIMATES - NO OBLIGATION!


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