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Patio Covers & Sunrooms:

If you’re the type of homeowner that loves the outdoor, the nature, the scenery, why not get a patio cover? A patio cover will provide you an area where you can enjoy the outdoors while your kids, pets can roam freely around the yard. It will also allow natural lighting as well as shade to rooms that are adjacent.

On the other hand, a sunroom will provide you an extra space that is needed for an indoor play area for kids, to house visitors, or however you would like to utilize the additional space anytime of the year. So don’t let the harsh sun, winds, rain, bugs, or whatever it may be to prevent you from being together with nature. If you’ve considered any of this, don’t let finances stop you from getting what you want. A sunroom will help you save thousands of dollars from building an addition as well as cut down the days of construction.

Warranty: Lifetime (50 yr warranty *1-time transferable)